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Cartagena is a Magical city, we will show you the best places to go

That’s why we created the series “While In Cartagena” where our Patient Coordinators will guide you and teach you the magical and extraoirdinary places of this city.

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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Cartagena – the name provokes images of romance and inspiration revealed in its unique charm and stunning Caribbean coastal setting. Cartagena encapsulates all the charm of Spanish colonial architecture in the Old Town, adjacent to the modern residential towers and hotels lining the gorgeous beaches along Bocagrande and Castillogrande. Cartagena truly has it all, and visitors can enjoy the many facets of this quintessential Colombian tourist town–splendidly preserved historical architecture, beautiful beaches and islands, sensual culture, ecological wonders, delicious food, heart pounding nightlife, and a grand shopping experience. Set on a gorgeous stretch of Caribbean coast, the city is a blend of the old and the new and has emerged as the “jewel of South America.”

Cartagena, the undisputed queen of the Caribbean coast, a fairytale city of romance, legends and superbly preserved beauty lying within an impressive 13km of centuries-old colonial stonewalls. Cartagena’s old town is a Unesco World Heritage Site – a maze of cobbled alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea, and massive churches casting their shadows across plazas.

To the south, the peninsula of Bocagrande – Cartagena’s Miami Beach – is where fashionable cartageneros sip coffee in trendy cafes, dine in glossy restaurants and live in the upscale luxury condos that line the area. Premium Care Plastic Surgery is located in the heart of this thriving community, providing the ideal setting for a superior level of sophistication and service.

On a sunny day the city vibrates with color along the facades of the buildings and the sea breeze refreshes visitors along the narrow streets of the old city. Within the fortified walls are seemingly endless monuments, balconies, churches, battlements, and decadent colonial mansions in displaying impressive Spanish colonial architecture. Soak up the sensual atmosphere during a stroll through the Old Town day and night, pausing in one of the city’s many open-air cafes to take it all in while enjoying delicious local flavors.

Night falls, and the city’s plazas come to life, transforming into the perfect places to meet, sip cocktails, share meals, and stroll. The is unique atmosphere captivates the visitors and takes them back to times past and forgotten, with horse drawn carriages meandering through cobble stone streets. Then, euphoria grows and the tireless fiesta dances on until the first rays of the sun sweep away the mysteries of the night.

This UNESCO world-heritage site has a perfect mix of Spanish-Colonial and Caribbean influences that create a place full of beauty and excitement. Although it is getting increasingly popular it still considered to be an undiscovered gem, and despite write-ups in The New York Times, Vogue, Travel + Leisure magazine. Cartagena celebrates its rich culture and past, while remaining firmly poised for the future. It is filled with beauty and history, along with opportunity, enjoyment, and adventure. With a breathtaking setting Cartagena offers many attractions, including the traditional architecture of its skyline, pristine blue waters and beaches along its extensive coast, and a cultural experience known for its diversity and sophistication. The residents will always greet you with a smile, and their quiet enjoyment of life brings a special feeling of calm and tranquility that characterizes the region. The magic of Cartagena lies in its massive fortifications, the warmth of the people, the richness of the architecture, and the infinite range of cultural expression of a spirited people. Cartagena also boasts a tropical climate 365 days a year.

Old Town Bocagrande & Castillogrande

Cartagena is a city with more than 450 years of history, and was declared UNESCO World Cartagena has steadfastly retained its old-world character, and has a quaint charm about it with many forts, churches, museums, and mansions lining the cobble stone streets. The Old Town boasts a striking variety and mix of architecture, including walls and bastions that surround stunning houses displaying colonial and republican architecture. The string of walls built to defend the city, made with lime and coral stone, is now an outpost for lovers who walk and get a view of the beautiful sunset of this romantic city.

The history of the city was also written in each of its 16 squares, some turned into night entertainment areas with bars and restaurants where one can enjoy a wide and exotic cuisine and musical offering. Other squares have been allocated for leisure and conversation of the natives whose conversations reveal the essence of Caribbean lifestyle under the tropical sun and the sea breeze.

To the West of the Old Town, Boca Grande and Castillo Grande rise as the modern and swanky counterparts, filled with new luxury hotels, residential towers, and entertainment options all set along a scenic peninsula jutting into the Caribbean Sea. Here is where many of the elite residents live and play, enjoying modern facilities and amenities with the gorgeous beaches always within a short stroll.


Cartagena has an extensive collection of beaches stretching along 19 kilometers and ranging from the beaches of Castillo Grande, El Laguito and Bocagrande to the beaches of Marbella, Crespo, La Boquilla and Manzanillo del Mar.

In addition to sunbathing and relaxing, visitors can enjoy abundant water sports like kite surfing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, and parasailing. Also available are picturesque bays for sailing, stunning reefs for scuba diving and snorkeling, and fully equipped facilities for a memorable day of deep sea fishing.

In addition to sunbathing and relaxing, visitors can enjoy abundant water sports like kite surfing, wind surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, and parasailing. Also available are picturesque bays for sailing, stunning reefs for scuba diving and snorkeling, and fully equipped facilities for a memorable day of deep sea fishing.

A day trip easily allows visitors to experience this exotic and beautiful sanctuary of exuberant flora and fauna, full of natural enchantment, calm and warm turquoise colored waters and white-sand beaches. It also features an oceanarium where you can see dolphins, sharks, turtles and other animals that cut through the Caribbean waters. Enjoy a lunch of fresh seafood on a remote beach with cold drinks and perhaps a massage…

Cruise Lines

Cartagena is the largest cruise ship port in Colombia. It is the port of embarkation for two cruise lines. Daily cruises dock in the city coming from different destinations worldwide. The number of tourists arriving by cruise ships is growing rapidly, with the port of Cartagena now receiving more than 470,000 visitors each season.


Karibana Beach and Golf Condominium features a spectacular golf course designed and built by the firm Nicklaus Design. Finished in 2012, the golf course was constructed with the most advanced technical specifications, environmental, comfort and location that a field can offer. The golfer will face the first nine holes surrounded by a spectacular natural forest with six artificial lakes, and the other nine holes by the oceanfront, characterized by a high degree of difficulty; basically, two game styles. That is why all the experts agree that it will become a landmark among high standard golf courses in Latin America and the world.


La Boquilla: Just 45 minutes from Cartagena and filled with a variety of red, black and white mangroves native to this area.

Marshes of La Virgen and Juan Polo: A walk through the swamp of Juan Polo can provide a view of different types of migratory birds like tangas, ducks, seagulls and Alcatraz. La Virgen morass also contains mangroves and birds like kingfischers, great egret, night heron, blue heron, osprey, roseate spoonbills and a variety of crustaceans, molluscs, hummingbirds and iguanas.

Guillermo Pineres Botanical Garden: A great variety of orchids and a variety of leafy trees, which provide a special microclimate. In its herbarium, the botanical garden has more than 12,600 species.

Totumo Volcano: Near the ocean, between the cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla, is the mud volcano, or Volcan del Totumo, recommended for its many medicinal properties.


From 7pm in the evening until past dawn, the cobblestone streets of the historic center are populated with loving couples or groups of friends roaming around the streets lit by lanterns, in cars pulled by horses reminiscing on the memory of Counts, Dukes and Marquises who ruled during their walks around the old town. These trips can also give rise to a calmer and contemplative pace or speed a little more frantic speed in the midst of a mobile rumba, to the sound of vallenato and cumbia, on board a traditional Chiva bus, where the ride is animated with song and dance.

In the parks and plazas musicians please pedestrians and diners with their performances; folk dancers take the night over with the hot rhythms of cumbia and mapalé, sharing the stage with mimes, jugglers and acrobats.

Once the night settles in, the city stains with the color of celebration, rumba lights up from eleven at night until just before dawn. At dozens of bars in the Historic Center, and in the clubs along La Media Luna and Arsenal Street, a variety of musical rhythms keep the fun loving population constantly moving to the beats of salsa, merengue, vallenato, electronic music, rock, cumbias and champeta. For those who like to try their luck at the roulette, poker or blackjack, the city’s casinos are open 24 hours a day, providing the chance to make friends, money and fun.

Hotels and accommodation

Cartagena offers a great variety of hotels that will allow you to select the ideal hotel for your stay in the city. There are traditional hotels and exclusive boutique hotels offering unique experiences of detail and personal service. Great luxury hotel or small and cozy, modern or colonial architecture, across from the beach or in the historical and colonial downtown, family or executive environment… it´s up to you.

Cartagena offers all the enchantment of its history and the legacy of those who made it great and turned it into one of South America’s most important tourist destinations.

Culinary delight

One tangible way in which to express the diversity and wealth of Cartagena and the Caribbean is its cuisine, which skillfully merges flavors from the Spanish, Indian, and African cultures. The kitchens of the Colombian Caribbean blend many intense flavors from the wide variety of produce in the fertile soils of the region, in combination with poultry, red meat and river- fresh and salt-water fish and seafood. The different recipes are based on ingredients like coconut, plantain, tropical fruits and seafood. Traditional cuisine is compounded by the cosmopolitan and international environment that surrounds the city, expanding its offering with Asian, Arabic, French, Italian, Argentine and Peruvian flavors and seasonings.


The town waddles to the beat of its own music, as it was the cradle of the rhythm known as champeta, but in the streets one can also hear vallenato, salsa, mapalé, cumbia, classical, jazz and merengue with the same level of enthusiasm. Cartagena was the birthplace of great musicians who represent the diversity within and outside the country.


Arts & Crafts

The downtown streets show colorful displays a sample of the finest crafts made in Colombia, made with patience, skill and imagination. However, you have to make sure the product is original, so the recommendation is to visit the stores distributed throughout the city. One of the most iconic places are the Vaults, used in Colonial times as a store for gunpowder and a military prison.


Cartagena is known for its tradition in antique, quality jewelry. For over 80 years the national beauty queens have worn the crown and scepter made by a local jeweler. The most important jewelry stores are located Downtown and in El Laguito, where tourists can visit and look for the most coveted Colombian emeralds. These gemstones are of high purity, adorned with Mompox filigree, worked laboriously by fine and delicate hands to achieve a unique product.


Although the people from Cartagena usually keep their relics inherited from their ancestors with mystery and devotion, visitors can find surprises in the city’s antique stores, located in the Historic Center and in Getsemaní neighborhood. Objects and furniture from the colonial and republican times reveal details of the history of Cartagena and discover the essence of a city with an aristocratic past.


Cartagena is a city that dresses in-vogue, a synonym for etiquette, protocol and dressing well. While strolling around town, an option for men is to wear a Guayabera made of woven cotton or linen and for women a cool and tropical dress. Heroic streets are a haven for artists, actors, writers and show business celebrities who are always in pursuit of glamor and elegance. As a result, the most famous national and international designers have their shops in the area known as the fashion corridor, between Calle San Juan de Dios and La Inquisicion, where designers offer their original creations.

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