Mommy Make Over

Mommy Make Over

Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience. But the effects it might leave on your body (stretch marks, sagging skin, among others) don´t exactly leave you feeling very beautiful. With a few expert tips, you can have your PRE-BABY-BODY or an even more improved version of it – back in no time


Similar to why stretch marks form, loose skin occurs, mainly in the stomach, due to a stretching of the skin that doesn´t snap back because of damage elastin and collagen fibers.

How to Prevent it? Keep the skin moisturized and toned and that can reduce the loose skin

How to fix it? The amount of loose skin and excess fat determines which treatment is best. Radiofrequency can help tighten lax skin a little, but is not the same as what you will get with a tummy tuck  if you have loose, excess skin with laxity of the abdominal wall.


The size and shape of breast can dramatically change following pregnancy and breast-feeding in shape and position, due to the increase and then decrease in the size

How to Prevent them? Wear a good support bra during your pregnancy

How to fix them? Some women need a breast lift and others the combination of breast lift with breast implants to give additional volume

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